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Welcome our home kennel located in Kiev.

For the first time after seeing the exhibition British silver chinchilla I could not stop looking at the beauty of these cats … Their snow-white hair, as if covered with a black veil, she is very beautiful and pleasant to the touch.

We have a wonderful producer of very good bloods with beautiful hair and blue eyes. Breed British Shorthair rare chinchilla POINT. We plan to breed cats, kitty Now select in our nursery and in the near future we hope for excellent offspring !!!

Breeder Elena Abramova.

British Shorthair

SYMBOL of Albion

United Kingdom – unrivaled legislator and as a breeder dog breeding in the world, and in the feline. This British dog lovers and cat gave the world the revival of ancient rocks and create your own. One of the most beautiful and characteristic of cats – British Shorthair, of course, also a native of Albion.

Do you think, with whom Lewis Carroll wrote off his Cheshire cat? Of course, with the British – only this breed, we can observe a smile. And incredibly intriguing mystery. What it creates? Round head, puffed cheeks, strong chin, big eyes – it is a way. It adds color, which can be blue, and purple, silver and gold, red and red, black and white, chocolate, etc. The colors can be combined in a variety of schemes -. Colorpoint, tabby, tortie, bi-colors and others. All this is complemented by an amazing range of eyes copper or gold-colored, occasionally blue (in colorpoint, white and Bicolors) or green (in silver). Such is the portrait of contemporary British.

History of breed

Felinology believe that the breed has roots in antiquity – the Roman Empire. Legionnaires, winning the Northern Territories, were for him and the guards of food stocks, ie cats. Hardly they were like modern Britain, but serious blood thoughtful hunters gave them. Gradually formed a type – a stocky cat with a large head and a very dense, like plush, fur. At the end of the nineteenth century the British fans took up breeding these wonderful animals, and soon formed a new breed, now known as the British Shorthair. Fans of her still grateful Weyer Harrison, founder of the movement of fans of cats and the initiator of the first in the world of cat shows. On one of them and the first Best of Breed were presented.

Official recognition came to the British in 1898. It was then that the British Shorthair was defined as a separate breed. But the real splash of selection work on deducing that the British had in the 30 years of the twentieth century. The first British cats have been added to the Persian blood, American Shorthair and Cartesian rocks. And finally, in 1966, there was a british such as we know it – a powerful, large, with a massive bone structure and a variety of coat color, predominant of which – blue.

good giants

Large, strong, powerful British can give the impression of towering touchy. In fact, these giants are very kind, affectionate and have a friendly character. To understand how this affectionate breed is watch the kittens. Their touching attachment to the mother superior only her tender love.


As a child, the Brits are no different from any other breed kittens. Active and playful, they are growing rapidly, gaining weight, but rarely get fat. Maturation is slow. The prime of British reach the age of 5 years. The activity gives way to a measured way of life. The life expectancy of cats – an average of 14 to 20 years.

Character balanced.

The serenity, calmness and intelligence predominate in the character of the British. Representatives of this breed patiently tolerate the quirks hosts can easily make friends with the children, tolerant of other animals. Their motto is – to be always on top, and in any situation, not to lose self-esteem. But “nothing human is alien to them” – sometimes the British could afford to relax and plotting of the game. Mobility than the Persians, these cats are very cautious and careful, is alien to them thirst for destruction and chaos inherent in varying degrees to many other breeds.
The British rarely votes cast. Hungry, they can declare it a quiet meow. Also, playing with a favorite toy, they are very addicting and can please unwitting listener a full range of different sounds. But the rest of the British cats profess unwritten commandments feline Code, the first of which reads: “The cat is not silent – she speaks with silence.”

Aristocrats of Albion love to silence and contemplation. Often, they can come to you and sit side by side, watching your actions. Sometimes, they will follow you around, literally tracking your every move. Among their interests are all vital aspects of the hosts.

Individual characteristics

One of the most unusual oddities Britons – a protest, if you suddenly want to take your pet on your hands. Firstly, these cats prefer to independently control the situation, and therefore consider such acts as violence against its own will. In addition, they are afraid of the feeling of vulnerability. Secondly, because of the impressive dimensions of Britons feel physical discomfort. Yet the hard floor dearer and nearer under the paws. Despite the stubborn unwillingness to sit on his lap, the British never abandon affection. Boys, unlike the girls, anyway, from whom they receive. And the ladies are more cautious, and distrustful of strangers.

There are exceptions – the British chinchilla

However, it should be noted that among the British group released a separate, very significantly different in character and exterior. This British shorthair silver chinchilla. Borrowing spectacular appearance of Persian cats, they are captured in the bargain and angelic nature.

Silver British more contact, calm and affectionate than their counterparts classic colors. Taking the Persians calmness and kindness, British chinchilla not lost intelligence and intelligence inherent in the British breed.

British chinchilla has a quiet and balanced character, cats and kittens are very sociable, affectionate and friendly. They quickly found a common language with all members of the family. That is why british deservedly become one of the most popular To date breeds of cats.

Scientifically proven: people who love cats live longer

Unmatched chistyuli and fans eat

Most of Britons are very clean, look after themselves and do not require too much attention and care. Experts recommend not to bathe your cat more than 1 time in 2 months or as needed. And, of course, during the spring and autumn moult should pay special attention to the combing fur.

Classic rock from the UK is not affected by disease, characterized by good health and a healthy spirit. But you must follow the proper nutrition of the food lovers crunch. British males weigh an average of 4-8 kg. But can reach and weight 12-15 kg. Therefore, the diet issues should be given special attention. Being overweight in middle age, perhaps the biggest and most common problem among the British full-bodied ant. In order to avoid extremely dangerous for the life of obese cats, feed them to be specialized feed super premium class. Moreover, it is desirable that they have been designed specifically for this species, with all its age and physiological needs.

Ask the breeder

Elena Abramova, the owner of the kennel monopedigree British silver chinchilla «Silverbri»

– Helena, a few words about your nursery.

– Our home cattery «Silverbri» in Kiev. He The recorded in the International Cat Fanciers’ Association Rolandus Union International (IALC RUI).

We specialize in breeding British cats is this rare and very sophisticated color – silver shaded (ns 11) and chinchilla Point (ns 11 33).

Silver Chinchilla – a cat unusual beauty. The highlight of these colors is that genetically these cats are black.

Nature endowed their natural make-up: eyes, lips and nose chinchillas bordered by a black line, if summed up a black pencil.

Cats – Erika and Coco Chanel. All cats in our cattery excellent pedigree, at the first exhibition The crystals Stian became the champion.

Recently in our kennel were born three wonderful kittens: a girl and two boys. Now kittens 1,5 months, they are very playful, sociable, eating mother’s milk and organic foods and try to feed yourself walking in the sand. The new house kittens will be ready to transfer to ride at the age of 3 months, by which time they will be vaccinated twice.

My husband and two daughters, Mary 6 years, 3 years Anna. When my husband and I decided to get a cat, you have long studied the characters of rock and decided that in a family with children it is best to take the British chinchilla!

These cats are not vindictive, it is very important. Children wear on their hands, and cats behave peacefully. They are very neat, contact, easy to education, love to be stroked, not noisy, quiet and rarely meow (and in the case if, for example, over the water in a plate of a cat, he likes to play with water and it all You are a pleskivaet from the drinkers). Very much like to lie and sleep, but do not mind a bit and frolic, ride mya- snip. Kota sometimes call a cat-dog, because he is always there walking, so lightning chainenavyazchivoprihoditilozhitsya on the floor nearby.

We love our pets and get great pleasure from daily contact with them!

– At what age is best to buy a kitten?

– At the age of 3-6 months, when the kitten vaccinated by age and becomes independent. Only in the 12-week old kitten go- comrade to leave his mother-cat and start an independent life with the owner. At this time, the immune system, which the baby receives from the mother’s milk, is declining.

Many inexperienced koshkolyuby seek as soon as possible (5-7 weeks) to pick up the baby. Some unscrupulous breeders are happy to give faster still very tiny babies, not thinking about what it might bring. Experienced felinologists believe that only by 12 weeks the kittens are ready for independent life of the cat, so they need to pick up at this age. The period between

6 and 12 weeks of life is critical to mental, psychological and emotional development of the child. Weaning a kitten from her mother and a friend his environment at this time can, at best, cause anxiety and stress, and at worst – cause serious illness.

We are ready to answer any questions of those who dream of a unique friend – British chinchilla.

Nose leather brick-pink, large green or blue-gray eyes and black paw pads make a nice contrast with the white plush fur.

White, with a slightly blackened tips of hair, wool gives skazochnyyvidetoykoshke, onaslovno covered with a black veil.

British chinchilla – a combination of beauty, gentility and tenderness.

– Do pets get along with children? British plant, you risk to some extent.

– Risk there was no, I’ll tell you why.

It all started with the fact that my daughter and I went to an exhibition of cats, and first saw the British chinchilla, she liked us. First we have a cat breed bri- T’ang chinchilla Point Christian Nolina, and soon gained two more


SILVERBRI Kennel Owner and breeder: Abramova Elena Ivanovna